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Last update: 2020-10-12, added ARJAN cheat differences across different versions.

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To activate: Type p to pause the game, then press Backspace, then type a cheat code. On Jazz 1.1, you must prefix the cheat codes with dd.

arjan In all versions: Displays HAHAHA.
In addition, on CD versions: Screen will shake permanently.
In addition, on version 1.3: Gives 100,000 extra points.
apogee Version 1.0: Displays APOLOGY MODE, reduces color depth, slows the game.
bad Gives a Hip Hop bird that shoots at enemies
bouf Refills health and gives invulnerability. Enter again to lose invulnerability.
check Shows debugging values on the panel, of unknown meaning.
cstrike Gives an airboard. Enter again to ditch the airboard.
doom Enemies will spawn with many more hitpoints and move quicker.
gunhed Gives 100 toasters, 100 RF-missiles, 100 launchers, 5 TNT, and the fastest rapid fire.
hocus Teleports to a different event in the level. Unreliable?
hooker Enter a 3D bonus stage after finishing current level
ken Quit the program
lamer Skip to the next level
mark Die, respawn from last-hit checkpoint or start of map
sable Get fast feet to run faster and jump higher

Buy Jazz

You can buy Good Old Games's Jazz Jackrabbit collection to get Jazz 1.3 and Holiday Hare '95. See version differences between 1.0, good/bad 1.2, and 1.3.

Quirk: Difficulty-based ammo

In Dreempipes 2, after the fast-feet ascent with switches, but before the 3 stacked yellow pipes through which you can run, there is a pyramid of grey solid blocks.

On Turbo difficulty, 3 launcher containers sit on on the right side of that pyramid. On Medium, no launchers sit here.

I tested this in both the 1.0 and the good 1.2; it should be the same across all releases.

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